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Protege de Sago Music

I'll Be Around Always (feat. Jeanelle Matta & Al Thomas

Jaden Sago
Jaden Sago


This release is dedicated to my dear friend Jeannie. I'll Be Around Always was second song she shared her voice in the studio for me. It was also the catalyst for our vocal group Protege in which she was a founding member. Unfortunately, the song has been unavailable for quite a few years. It started out as a solo record, but when Alfred who cowrote it with me was helping her with the second verse it was clear he should sing it. We change the lyrics and made it a duet. I wish I had access to the Master the last time I saw her. She asked if I still had a copy but I didn't at the time. We all miss you Jeannie. You were always an angel.

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