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Protege‘ De Sago

by Jaden Sago

Released 2017
Sonic Gumbo Music
Released 2017
Sonic Gumbo Music
Old School music's best keep secrets revealed by Jaden Sago
Hi I am Jaden Sago. Over the years I have written and recorded a large catalog of songs, but for a number of reasons, the time was never right to share them with the outside world. The time has come to bare my soul to all and allow my private playlist to be introduce to those who would appreciate it.

Through it all I hope to be a positive light in a world that seems to grow darker each day. I write music to connect with people in a way that moves them. The same connection I felt with the music I grew up listening to. Love is a central theme in my creations and while some songs may tell a story of a love that has been lost, or reflect betrayal or conflict, I attempt to maintain the lyrical integrity while embracing sonic diversity. With influences ranging from James Brown and Stevie Wonder, to Earth Wind and Fire and Cameo to Micheal Jackson and the many shades of Prince, I am inspired to fold them into my own brand of funky pop soul with infectious grooves and striking melodies.

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