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What is the Multiverse?

The Multiverse Explained

In a world not so far away and not so long ago there was born a musician named Kurt Howard. At a very young age I developed a love of music and a desire to learn and create music of my own. 

The catalog of unreleased music created over the years is enough for a half dozen CDs.  Some songs were only heard by my girlfriend at the time or the EX .....  That alone is sufficient motivation to release this music.  

As a self diagnosed perfectionist when it comes to my music.  It will never be done. So, to move forward I must let it go. 

The Multiverse encompasses the entire Musical Adventure of Kurt Howard and my many personas and styles of music.  it is music in constant motion and continuous change.  Some will be complex while others will simple and to the point, but all will be a genuine reflection of who I was at that moment in time.

I intend to release at least one song every other Tuesday for the next two years.  Some bonus releases will come on the weeks in-between.

This story was edited for space. :-)

Thanks for you support!

Kurt Howard

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